Given the current health situation, the Organization informs all participants of the exceptional measures taken in this regard, which are detailed below:


COVID-19 tests

  • All participants must previously perform a COVID-19 analysis with a negative result in order to collect the number.

  • The organization will make available to all registrants a medical team to perform the tests COVID-19, the cost will not generate any additional costs to participants and green numbers.

  • The organization of the runners' test by the organization will start 2 hours before the start time and will end 1 hour before the start time.

  • All staff members, volunteers or related to the organization will be subjected to the same test a safe environment.

  • Any negative test issued by a health authority with a maximum age of 48 hours will also be accepted as valid.


Travel certificate


The Organization will deliver by email to all participants a guide on how to generate the different travel certificates



  • In the case of postponement due to the health situation of the VOCID-19 and its possible consequences, an alternative date will be proposed for the celebration of the same. All participants will be automatically registered on the new date.

  • Those who do not want to participate in the new date, can request a refund of 100% of the registration within 15 days after the announcement of postponement



  • In the event that the event is definitively canceled due to the health situation COVID-19, and cannot be held on the original date or in the new proposal, all participants (with or without insurance) will be able to choose between transferring the your registration for the 2022 edition or request a refund of 100% of the registration within 15 days after the cancellation announcement.


Administrative restriction

  • If, due to the pandemic situation, we were forced to restrict participation to a certain number, bibs would be allocated until the places were filled in order of registration. Those participants who do not enter the fee will be paid 100% of the registration.



  • It will be virtual. Each runner will be provided with a link to the videobriefing of their race. On the same day of the start, there will be a small review in small groups at the delivery of the bib



  • All participants will be checked to wear a mask and their hands will be disinfected with hydroalcohol and temperature control.

  • The start will be neutralized the first 400 meters and will be done in a single round, of 16 rows and 3 runners per row that must maintain the distance of 1.5 meters between them at all times.

  • Participants will wear the mask at all times up to 1 minute before the start.


OUTPUTS protocol

  • The departure protocol is activated 2 hours before the departure time.

  • Once the protocol has started, you will not be able to leave the exit area

  • Our volunteers will guide you to follow the following protocol:

    • Step 1. COVID TEST: 1 hour before departure it is mandatory to have taken the test


    • Step 3. MINI BRIEFING




Provisioning in the race

  • In order to minimize the risk of infection, all volunteer staff and the organization will respect social distancing measures, wear gloves and masks.

  • There will be no fruit on the cut, but whole pieces.

  • The rest of the food will be individual packaging.

  • The water bottles will be closed and in an individualized half-liter format

  • The mask will be mandatory for use in refreshments



  • Participants, once they leave the Meta area will have to wear the mask at all times.

  • Prize deliveries will be made on time.

  • Please do not stay longer than necessary once the race is over in the finish area

Dorsal Green

  • This protocol is also applicable to green numbers